TwinGyro™‒Ultra-rugged Dual Gyro Technology

Inertial Sensing's latestinnovation in gyro survey technology delivering QA/QC compliant data twice as fast as a regular gyro.

Survey security The TwinGyro™ combines two independent survey systems in one instrument.Where a standard tool completes one survey, the TwinGyro™ delivers two independent surveys.

Independent backup The system contains a built-in backup - the TwinGyro™ can be run in single gyro mode and continue operating even if one system has been damaged.

High rate capability Each system is equipped with an extra roll axis gyro covering rates up to 1,000 deg/s. These high rate gyros accurately track rapid angular changes caused by wireline torque release or angular shock from the rotary unit when tripping rods.

High accuracy ‒ultra-rugged The TwinGyro™ is based on the electronics of the SlimGyro™ and delivers the same high accuracy. The mechanical design is based on the rugged isGyro™ system.

Low power consumption The TwinGyro™ has a power consumption of only 0.4 W. The system can also be used in single mode to preserve power. An additional delayed start mode allows the system to be initialized in 5 mW sleep mode to wake up for surveying after a pre-set time.

Control & processing Both systems in the TwinGyro™ are simultaneously operated using a single field PC. The new Surveyor™ field software runs on Windows operating systems 7, 8 and 10 and is available for both 32- and 64-bit processors.

Service & Support The TwinGyro™ is covered by Inertial Sensing's isCare program and has a typical repair turnaround time of 1-2 work days.

Instrument performance model (error model) available on request.

Download TwinGyro spec sheet


isRG38 Running Gear Kit
Inertial Sensing offers a 38 mm gyro running gear especially designed for the isGyro.
Sighting Device Kit
A sighting device is required for vertical surveys to align with a known reference direction.
Inline Centralizers
Centralizers are required for vertical surveys to prevent the tool from spinning
Surveyor Software
Surveyor is the new software for continuous and multi-shot gyro surveys. Free with all our gyros.
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