World's smallest MEMS memory rate gyro system    The isSlimGyro is the world's smallest rate gyro survey instrument. With a diameter of only 21.56 mm and a running gear diameter of 26 mm, it offers high accuracy in even the tightest holes.

With an amazingly low power consumption of 0.2 W the tool can survey for up to 80 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. The simple set-up saves valuable site-time and potential sources of human error are significantly reduced. The modular design of the tool minimizes repair times and cost.

Download isSlimGyro product sheet.

High-speed data transfer and processing The isSlimGyro delivers accurate results at high speed: 1 hour's worth of survey data is processed in seconds while data download requires just 4 minutes. This is achieved by our unique combination of advanced sensors, microprocessor systems, efficient data collection and processing techniques.

SlimGyro Running Gear
Inertial Sensing offers a 26 mm gyro running gear especially designed for the SlimGyro.
SlimGyro Centralizers
Centralizers are required for vertical surveys to prevent the tool from spinning.
Kit Dispositivo de Observación
Un dispositivo de observación se requiere para inspecciones verticales que se alinean con...
Programa isSurveyor
isSurveyor es el programa para realizar inspecciones con el isGyro. Incluido gratis con cada gyro.
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